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7 Feb

Rental Vacation Homes

Rental Vacation Homes Many vacationers prefer to rent vacation rentals instead of checking out in a hotel for many reasons. When it comes to hotels, mediocre hotel rooms can be expensive with microscopic perks. While checking into a good hotel can be very expensive and consume more of your vacation budget. That is why many vacationers might prefer rental vacation homes such as apartments and condos than a hotel room. These vacation rentals are bigger in size. Therefore more bang for your buck. These vacation homes come furnished and often with a lot of perks as well. It’s no wonder...
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10 Jan

Our Bachelorette Parties in Miami

Our Bachelorette Parties in Miami When people are looking for Bachelorette parties in Miami, they stop looking when they’ve found Hotel Boutique 18! Not only do we provide the hottest and coolest hotels in Miami, but these locations are pristine real estate for a going away bash from the single market for every Maid of Honors master plan. With Hotel Boutique 18, not only are you getting years of proven customer service, optimal Realty in for downtown access and of course the highest quality rooms in Miami? Our Provisions Customer Service – When you and your friends arrive, you will...
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14 Dec

What to do in Miami

What to do in Miami Welcome to Miami! Miami gets millions of tourists every year because of its vibrant lifestyle, beautiful beaches, and building, shopping, and restaurants. There is so much that you can do in Miami that you definitely will not feel disappointed. If you are a newcomer, you might be wondering what to do in Miami and all its offerings. Since there are so many options, you might actually feel overwhelmed, but that’s fine. Miami accommodates everyone and welcomes everyone with open arms. Here are some fun Miami attractions to discover in this beautiful city that will probably...
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18 Nov

Which beaches in Miami are best for me?

Which beach in Miami is best for me? People don’t visit Miami just for the clubs and nightlife. Miami is best known for its beaches. The city wraps itself around the sand, and all of the hottest spots are by the coolest water. But how can you know which beaches are the best? How can you differentiate the lowest from the top beaches in Miami? Boutique 18 is the authority on where to stay and where to go in Miami. We have assembled this list because we want your stay in Miami to feel like royalty. While every beach deserves...
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17 Oct

Traits of the Best Boutique Hotels in Miami Beach

Boutique Hotels in Miami Beach The best boutique hotels in Miami Beach are the ones provided by Boutique 18. So to better explain the best, we need to explain why we’re the best. We’re the best because we have the highest-quality variety over other boutique hotels in Miami Beach. We provide the most economical spacing out of our competitors. Most of all, we provide the best services. Traits of the Best Boutique Hotels Variety – First, too much variety can be a bad thing, because you will constantly wonder how it is in other places instead of enjoying where you...
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19 Sep

Boutique Hotel or Apartment Hotel

There are a lot of niche hotel types out there. It can be dizzying at times to try and understand the differences between all of them. But one of the most common questions that we receive at Hotel Boutique 18 is whether or not we are an apartment hotel or a boutique hotel. The answer isn’t as simple as saying yes, but at the same time it is. To answer the question completely, we need to explore the terms fully. What is an apartment hotel? An apartment hotel is an apartment building that is acting as a hotel. They are...
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19 Aug

The Best Location for Miami Hot Spots

Many people visit Miami every day expecting to be able to have the getaway of a lifetime. But with traffic, misleading traffic signs, and difficult parking; you might spend your whole time getting to the destination instead of living it. However, if you want to guarantee to see all of the Miami hot spots, then you need to rent yourself a boutique hotel. The boutique hotels offered by Boutique 18 place you right in the center of the Miami nightlife. Here are our top three choices! 3 Miami Hot Spots for your Consideration South Beach – The most well-known Miami...
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18 Jul

Things to do in your South Beach Boutique Hotel

Choosing a Boutique Hotel Boutique Hotels are all about location. Where you are and what you can do are the driving factors between treating yourself to one or slumming it up in a basic hotel. At Boutique 18 we put you in the center of South Beach. We promise there will always be something to do to keep you out. Go to a restaurant Miami is home to some of the greatest restaurants in the world, and we promise that we are located near some of the best. Sushisamba – Sushi Samba is a cultural fusion restaurant. Bringing together the...
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