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Getting around in Miami

getting around in miami
10 May

Getting around in Miami

Getting around in Miami

Miami is one of the top destinations in the world. But when you get here, it might be a little bit difficult to navigate unless you know your ways around the inlet areas of Miami. Miami is home to dozens of niche communities and locations, but we are going to share our seven favorites for getting around in Miami.

The Main Areas of Miami

Wynwood – The Wynwood Arts District is home to over 70 Art Galleries, Retail Stores, Antique Shops, Eclectic Bars, and one of the largest open-air street-art installations in the world.

Miami NeighborhoodsEdgewater – Edgewater is primarily a residential neighborhood, with many historic early 20th century homes. The neighborhood has many high-rise residential towers to the east of Biscayne Bay, and historic homes elsewhere in the neighborhood.

Biscayne Bay – Biscayne Bay is and always has been a “bright, great bay” that has attracted explorers, adventurers, residents, and tourists.

Coral Gables – From its inception, Coral Gables was designed to be an international City, and is now home to more than 20 consulates and foreign government offices and more than 140 multinational corporations.

Little Havana – Little Havana is the colorful center of Hispanic culture in Miami. The area’s riddled with Latin-inspired cafes, restaurants, venues and markets that give space and a voice to all the different backgrounds that have taken root in the neighborhood.

Bal Harbour – Bal Harbour is a beautiful coastal area that is connected to Miami Beach as an island linked by the main road.

DSC_6019Miami Beach – The City of Miami Beach Resident Portal contains features and functionality to improve the line of communication between residents and the city government.

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