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How to Keep your Stuff Safe During a Storm

Storm Stuff
safe during a storm
15 Sep

How to Keep your Stuff Safe During a Storm

Storms are Bad for your Stuff

electronics safe during a stormEvery item we keep in our home has sentimental value for us. When you are preparing for a storm, it’s important to make your life the top priority, but several people get concerned about how their belongings will survive the storm without them.

We want you to stay focused on staying alive and healthy, so we have created this blog on how to protect your belongings. Follow these steps, and you will have some of the most practical protection for your belongings possible.

How to Protect your Belongings

When a storm is going on outside your home, you need to protect your electronics from surges, the devices themselves from water and debris damage. The best way to do that is with surge strips, trash bags, and chests or trunks.

Surge Strips – Surge Strips are power protectors that will break down in the event of a surge. This makes it much safer for your electronic belongings not to take an excessive amount of electricity.

stuff safe during a storm Trash Bags – Trash bags or any cellophane wrap will let water damage flow off the important valuables and onto the floor or elsewhere. This is critical because water damage is difficult to reverse.

Chest and Trunks – Finally, just keeping it free from water damage is sometimes not enough. When you are storing your belongings, keep them inside the chests and trunks to prevent any debris from directly attacking your belongings.

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