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14 Apr

How to Prepare for your Vacation Rental Home!

The difference between the Hotel and Vacation Rental Home!

First, there is a difference between a hotel and a vacation rental home. A Vacation Rental Home is a shared mutual space between all the members involves. There are several rooms where people sleep, and there are communal spaces like the downstairs, but each area is locked in and by itself for privacy. There is a front desk attendant there to get you settled, but there is no maid service until after you have left and there is no continental breakfast. It is a truly independent experience. This being said, it’s time to figure out how to prepare for your vacation rental home!Vacation Rental Home

How to Prepare for your Rental!

Bring your Belongings – The first thing is to of course pack your belongings, but you might want to make some choice additions. For example, we always believe it’s a good rule of thumb to bring some wet wipes or Clorox wipes. This way if you ever make a spill or a stain, you can clean it up right away as opposed to waiting for us to clean it once you’ve left.

Bring an Appetite – There are tons of great restaurants nearby, and when you are in the center of the melting pot, you are going to face some crazy flavors on your way out the door!

DSC_6019Bring a Sense of Adventure – Our location is best experienced without a roadmap. Come in and prepare yourself for a great time with your friends and prepare yourself for one of the best adventures you can experience. Get up and just walk somewhere or grab the tri rail and go south, it’s a beautiful city, explore it!

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