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What to do in Miami
15 Jun

The Miami Style Guide

What is Miami Style?

Miami Style can be characterized as being low-key or chilled out. Most people wear clothes that are comfortable and often leave a lot of room for the skin to show. In Miami, you don’t have to worry about having a winter wardrobe, you have to worry about wearing clothes that you can beat the heat in.

With the heat being the biggest factor in deciding a Floridian’s wardrobe, Miami style can be easily represented as comfortable, revealing, and fun. Throw on some clothes and go to the beach or go to the downtown center and get styling and profiling!

Boutique 18 Miami Style Guide

Miami Style The Tops – For tops you are going to be looking for tanktops, bandeaus, anything of the like that cover as little as possible while also making it easy to throw on at moments notice. Relaxed colors are what you want to keep.

The Bottoms – Bottoms are going to be shorts, booty shorts, sweats, or the skin tight yoga pants that everyone seems to be wearing at all times. If you are going to be walking around it needs to be close to the skin or exposing it.

The Chancletas – Finally, everyone in Miami wears sandals. Flip flops, otherwise known as chancletas, are extremely common when it comes to living in Miami. If you are going to walk around down here, you should be working to get comfortable with the flip flops quickly and easily.

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