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11 Aug

The Pros and Cons of Boutique Hotels!

What is a Boutique Hotels?

Similar to how boutique services are on a smaller, more intimate scale. Boutique hotels are smaller and more intimate hotels. So when you are in the market for purchasing a hotel for your stay, there are some things you need to consider before choosing a boutique hotel over a standard hotel experience.

The Pros

benefits of boutique hotelsA More Intimate Experience – Boutique Hotels guarantee a more intimate experience than with major hotel chains. By using our boutique hotels, you are going to have fewer points of contact and be in a much closer proximity to both workers and other residents while not sacrificing your privacy.

Select Locations – Boutique hotels aren’t all over the place otherwise they wouldn’t be boutique. Since we are smaller in scale, it gives us the opportunity to create better experiences for everyone overall.

The Cons

Smaller Places – Many residents don’t understand how small our rooms can be. While we certainly have locations with larger spaces to accommodate bigger parties, most of our locations follow a Spartan design principle because we focus on our guests going out to the local establishments and not hang out in the room for their duration.

A Wash

boutique hotels cons A Little More DIY – This can be a little good and a little bad for those involved. Since we are a smaller scale, service is spread across fewer people who open up more opportunities for you to make your own experience happen for our hotel.

Hotel Boutique 18

Hotel Boutique 18 is dedicated to providing the best guest experiences for every one of our visitors around the world. If you are looking to have a great time, we guarantee you will. If you would like to know more about special rates or upcoming events that will work with your weekend, give us a call today at (786) 802-1905